The University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica

Postgraduate Courses:

Department of Basic Medical Sciences

MSc Physical Therapy


The MSc Physical Therapy curriculum is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • To prepare physical therapists who will be highly skilled in clinical reasoning and who will use evidence to optimize health, function and participation of individuals in society;
  • To prepare physical therapists to function effectively in leadership roles;
  • To develop clinicians who will become active in research and foster the practice of evidence-based physical therapy;
  • To allow physical therapists to obtain qualifications at a level that increases their marketability internationally;
  • To prepare therapists for matriculation into the proposed doctoral programme (DPT) with clinical specialization.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission to the Master of Science, Physical Therapy (MScPT) should have an honours BSc Physical Therapy degree.

Candidates with a diploma will be admitted once they have completed 3 qualifying courses from the BSc programme.

Duration of Training

The programme will run over four semesters including 1 summer semester. Students can register full time or part time. Schedule of classes will allow persons to continue working while they pursue the degree.

Semester I

  • Graduate Research Methods
  • Motor Control And Motor Learning
  • Education in Physical Therapy
  • Management in Physical Therapy Practices

Semester II

  • Contemporary Physical Therapy Issues
  • International Perspectives in Rehabilitation
  • Technology in Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy for Acute and Chronic Multisystem Conditions
  • Differential Diagnosis: Musculoskeletal System

Semester III

  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Health Promotion, Disease and Injury Prevention: PT Perspectives  

Semester IV

  • Research Project

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Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine – Physiotherapy

Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) is an emerging specialty, gaining popularity in all parts of the world. Only a handful of countries offer post-graduate programmes in this specialty, and even fewer dedicate courses solely to physiotherapists. The University of the West Indies (UWI) is the only Caribbean university delivering this programme. The role of sports medicine goes beyond injury detection and management. For the athlete, it involves formulation of programmes to enhance physique (specific to their sport) and improve performance. The Sports Physiotherapist can therefore do the following:

  • Formulate and supervise exercise programmes for all patients
  • Function as a team physiotherapist and team leader coordinating other medical colleagues
  • Apply the latest knowledge in sports medicine and enhancement
  • Participate in research in Sports and Exercise Medicine


The MSc Sports & Exercise Medicine programme is offered via correspondence anywhere you are in the world! The programme comprises 8 whole courses, a research project and 4 practica, and is administered over 6 semesters. Students are provided with weekly tasks which include reading material through journal articles, web based links for other articles, didactic lectures and practical demonstrations. Teleconferences are organized on weeks 7 and 14. At the end of each 14 week course, students sit a written examination, conducted in the candidates own country.


  • Upper Body Injuries (14 weeks)
  • Lower Body Injuries (14 weeks)
  • Applied Sports Medicine (14 weeks)
  • Exercise Physiology (14 weeks)
  • Applied Exercise Physiology (14 weeks)
  • Exercise in Specific Conditions (14 weeks)
  • Sports Psychology/Biomechanics (14 weeks)
  • Research Methods and Biostatistics (14 weeks)
  • Research Project (14 weeks)
  • Practicum I (1 week)
  • Practicum II (1 week)
  • Practicum III (1 week)
  • Practicum IV (1 week)

80-160 hours of clinical rotations (teams, medical facilities) done in students’ own time and assessed based on completion of log books.


  • Has achieved a minimum of a lower second class pass in the Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy from the UWI
  • Has a minimum of 2 years professional experience; involvement in Sports and Exercise medicine is preferred, but it is not absolutely necessary for consideration
  • Currently registered in their country of practice
  • Has recommendations from two referees. (One referee should be a professional colleague.) The recommendations must be completed on the prescribed form of the UWI
  • Employed in primary care for the duration of the course and be able to be released from duties on a regular basis to attend practicum sessions and worshops, and other prescribed sessions
  • Computer literate and have access to an internet-linked computer


  • Candidates who have successfully completed undergraduate physical therapy educational programmes at a university other than the UWI will be admitted on the basis of a transcript (and curriculum, if necessary) evaluation to determine prior knowledge and level of training.
  • Candidates who hold a Diploma in Physical Therapy (UHWI) awarded prior to 2004 will also be considered on the basis of a transcript evaluation to determine prior knowledge and level of training.

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